Service Support
The purpose of enterprise existence is to create and keep customers. Huajing has always established long-term partnership with customers with integrity. All we do is to serve customers. Our working motivation comes from serving customers, our development projects come from serving customers, and our profit growth comes from serving customers.
Pre Sales Service
Provide technical consultation for users, draw up investment plan, assist users to complete equipment demonstration and selection. Assist users in planning and inquiry of auxiliary projects.
Service In Sale
After the contract is signed, we still need to negotiate and communicate with users, further confirm the specific requirements of users, and further communicate with users' departments or users. In order to ensure that the equipment provided for users can fully meet the comprehensive requirements of users.
After-sale Service
After the equipment is delivered to the user for use, we will often communicate with the user to understand the use of the equipment. When the user's equipment has difficulties in use and equipment failure, we will timely arrange our sales or technical personnel to contact you to eliminate the difficulties, repair the failure, and ensure the normal use of the user. When the user needs, our sales or technical personnel in receiving your service request, we will contact you in time.