HR 1~7KW Motor Reversing SSR
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· Operational voltage:Up to 530VAC rms
· High performance/low cost circuit design.
· Built-in interlock function ,AC or DC control voltage
· LED indication for direction
· Insulation:Reed relay or opt coupler(input-output) 2500VAC rms
· Control voltage range:10-30 Vdc or 115 Vac
· This series with Dual SCR Power Hybrid technology provide highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.
Input/Output parameters

Input parameters

Name Control voltage
Input voltage Us(V) DC4-30V
Input current Is(mA) 8-18
Turn-on voltage Uon(V) 4-30V
Turn-off voltage Uoff(V) 3.5 5
Turn-on time ton(ms)


Output parameters

Name AC220 level  AC220 level
Output voltage Ue(V) AC20-280V AC20-280V
Rated output current 10-50A/phase le(A) 10-50A/phase
Output voltage drop Ur(V) ≤1.8
Out leakage current Ido(Ma) ≤10 ≤15
Transient voltage Up(A)


Insulation resistance Ri(MW) ≥100
Dielectric withstanding voltage(V) 2000
Working temperature -20℃~+70℃
Selection Guide
Voltage Control voltage Load power
    1kW 3kW 5kW 7kW
480 VACrms 10 to 30Vdc HR1048DD HR3048DD HR5048DD HR7048DD
HR1048TD HR3048TD HR5048TD HR7048TD
115Vac HR1048DA HR3048DA HR5048DA HR7048DA
HR1048TA HR3048TA HR5048TA HR7048TA
530 VACrms 10 to 30Vdc HR1053DD HR3053DD HR5053DD HR7053DD
HR1053TD HR3053TD HR5053TD HR7053TD
115Vac HR1053DA HR3053DA HR5053DA HR7053DA
HR1053TA HR3053TA HR5053TA HR7053TA