The purpose of the enterprise is to create and maintain customers, and Hua Jing has always established a long-term partnership with its customers with good faith. Customers need, that is, the service that I do and the all-round service is born. What we do is to serve the customers. Our motivation is from the service customers. Our development project comes from the service customers. Our profit growth comes from the service customers.

Pre sale service

Provide the user with technical consultation, the plan of investment, assist the user to complete the equipment argumentation and selection. Assist user in planning and inquiry of auxiliary engineering.

Sale service

After signing the contract, we still need to negotiate with users, further confirm the specific requirements of users, and further communicate with users' departments or users. To ensure that the equipment provided to the user can fully meet the user's overall requirements.

After-sale service

The equipment delivered to the user, we will often use to communicate with the user to understand the equipment, the user equipment fault appeared difficult, on the use of the equipment, we will arrange our sales staff or technical personnel to contact you, troubleshooting, maintenance of order, guarantee the normal use of the user. When the user needs, our salesperson or technician is in contact with you in time when it receives your service request.

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